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Hanami florals
est 2020


Hanami, an expression of flower viewing and enjoying the momentary beauty of flowers, though flowers are only temporary they leave an everlasting sense of joy to those receiving the handcrafted creation. As some say ‘happiness shared is a flower’ how true this statement is from the delight they grant sweet souls, as I witness them open the door and be greeted by pure cheer. 


With that being said here’s where I come in. I’m Hannah, Lovely to meet you! I have the privilege to work alongside exquisite flowers every day whilst experimenting and composing a variety of different florals for all sorts of occasions. My journey began at the age of 15, becoming qualified at 17 and continuing my adventure ever since. I’ve had the pleasure to work with some of the most beautiful and talented team of florists that I have acquired, gained and now developed my unique style to bring a little happiness to those around, through my tiny well-worn hands. 

Now, As I depart on my own exciting quest, I’m looking forward to producing each individual’s desired dream, providing each of my clients a piece that is arranged with both care, love and a bit of cocktail influence 😉.

I hope to meet you along my journey and I can’t wait to hear from you soon!



Much love,

Hannah xx

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